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I am a self taught artist born in Anchorage, Alaska who has spent my life exploring various mediums in order to create my diverse artist portfolio. After instilling my zentangle ink pieces throughout Anchorage in my first art show in 2015 and painting my first 10 foot mural in 2017, I decided it was time to take off exploring the country in my self built artist’s van. In my time spent on the road I crafted my first professional artist collection, “Bodies” inspired by my exploration of my body through self love practices and intimate experiences shared with partners. As a queer mixed black artist, it was important to me to highlight features of black women through vibrant use of colors and textures seen throughout this watercolor and ink duo. My newest piece, “Divine” features 5 black and brown cherubs all wearing different hair styles and regalia. I was inspired by the renaissance period but hated how I never saw any pieces depicting people who looked like me or my family, so I wanted to create a piece that depicted black girls as beautiful, magical, and ethereal.