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Romeo Robert Tomei

Romeo Robert Tomei

It has been said, with age comes wisdom. So, how does an artist account for eighty seven years of dedication to their own Art? My eighty seven years has been built on a foundation of experiences that has enhanced my sensitivity in my fine art work.

My decades of curiosity and creative applications as a designer, art director, film production designer, interior designer, all contributed to my work as a fine art painter. They are the dots - the linkage that echos through out my studio.

"Curiosity is the path to Creativity"

My work answers to and related to the mystical forces of nature, our planet and beyond, subjectively. These are the elemental forces that make up the spiritual palette.

I endeavor to draw the viewer into my painting, always conveying a message and leaving the collector, the viewer to expand on the painting, through their own imaginings.

Hence my work is never complete until it reaches, "the eye of the beholder".

Romeo Robert Tomei, Artist