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My current work reflects the time I spent in Texas, After moving here 6 years ago from North Carolina, and working in restaurants. The idea of food, and how and where it comes from plays a big part in my current paintings. Mostly in the way it is sources to our tables. Wether it be in our homes or the restaurants we frequent? After being around the food service industry for a number of years, learning about how a lot of local “mom and pop shops” are primarily regional/locally sources as much as possible from dairy, produce, meats, and grains. shows a lot about the community as a whole. I have focused more on the meat industry more specifically cattle in how that plays a large part in the diet of Texas. The environmental impact with greenhouse gases, the health it has on the human body, and where we go as a nation to sustain a healthy balance with man and nature. I am not a vegetarian, but I am couscous of my meat intake and how that impacts my lifestyle and the lives around me. 

Robert Page

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