Raktimava (Riju) Ghosh Dastidar

Raktimava (Riju) Ghosh Dastidar

Raktimava (Riju) Ghosh Dastidar is a Kolkata and Mumbai based Photographer studying MFA in Visual Studies (concentration in Photography) in Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, Minnesota. USA. 

His thesis expands on metaphysics of gestures, forms and their concerns with exterior and interior self in visual medium (Photography) since 2018 and elaborately working on the abstract in large canvas since fall 2020, his first semester in college. 

Being an enthusiast, critic, practitioner of modern improvisational Music (instrumental), Riju’s vision is drawn from the dissonant sound, passed through binary channels forming soundscape as pixel palette; opening up an immense possibilities of interpretations. 

His visuals thus represent the dissonance and orientation of disorientation and deconstruction of memories and their syncopated rhythmic structures.

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