Art is a virtual voyage to the other side of the mirror, “where the true color could be found”.

1946- I was born in Tehran, and graduated from Tehran University of Art as an architect (École Supérieure Des Arts) in 1970.

My painting master was a distinguished professor, the late Ivan Girard (Frenchman) the professor of Paris Fine Art (École Des Beaux Arts).

My master’s mystical tendencies drew him to Astrology art and spiritualism painting, which opened my eyes to art's profound dimensions, shaping my future painting vision with the mystic content of surrealism.

1970-1979: I won my first grand project a year after graduation, which was a successful starting point for a chain of sizable projects for many years. During that period, I developed the concept of “integrated living space, " integrating architecture, interior, and art/painting as a package, emphasizing painting/frescos/bas-relief as the centerpiece of every organic design.

1974, I established my first gallery/solo exhibition (purism art & lifestyle):  Atelier/Gallery INTERNAL-Tehran.

1979-1984: I established my second gallery/solo exhibition (Chinese mystical paintings influence): Atelier/Gallery 1773, Tehran-Iran.

1984-1990 PARIS, the influence of Chinese mystical paintings was my inspiration to create a series of surrealist artworks for the completion of my architecture projects as the project's centerpieces.

1990-2000 Dubai, during a 10-year stay, influenced by mountain and desert trips to Khorfekhan’s desert, Ink/Sepia paintings, which represent energy’s flow on the dunes & rocks, and creating a yellow blanket, my inspiration to paint the “PLEIN YELLOW” series.  

2000-2016 Monaco: during my 15 years residency in Monaco, I had several Mediterranean Sea sailings every year, which deeply inspired me with the power of silence in the Plein Blue, believing the science that life originated from the oceans and developed on earth.

This was my inspiration to create the EMERGENCE / OBSERVER series.

Monaco annual private viewing in autumn: my collections, LEAVES & BRANCHES series.

The Art-Deco series were my inspiration by the insects’ body parts anatomy, mixed with the stylish & rich flavor of the Art-Deco esthetics:


2003-2015 Monaco: investment, design, and development of the restoration of a 19th-century château de L’AIGUETTA, converted a castle in ruin into an exclusive art club and Art Galleria, a combination of challenges, painting, architecture, and construction methodology.

2019-2021, due to an incident, three parts of my body were broken. I was almost handicapped for more than a year. Then I decided to change my life and dedicate the rest of my life to painting. As the result, evolving the SYMBOLIC & SURREALISTIC series, a new vision to reveal the TRUE color of reality: 

The MASKS series is the symbolic expression of reality and illusion’s twilight in this multi-faceted universe: 

"Whatever one perceives is a reflection of one’s mind, and reality is somehow masked behind the mask".

AUTUMN 2021- solo exhibition / 50th anniversary, a review of my artworks at NILOO Hotel Museum, Tehran, with 31 paintings: Abstracts, leaves & branches texture compositions, and Art-Deco series.