Self taught marbling and acrylic pouring artist. Graduate of the London College of Fashion, MA-Fashion Studies.

Oh! Thank you ever so much John! I do appreciate you took the time to reply. Yes, getting lost in the creative process can truly silence the gremlins running and shouting our fears out loud in our busy heads! I guess my marbling and acrylic pouring art show my own intricacies, a maelstrom of aspirations, dreams and need to create more and more! Again, many thanks for your wonderful critique and all the best!

Many heartfelt thanks for such a wonderful interpretation/critique of my marbling artwork. I taught myself this ancient art technique during lockdown to channel my need to be creative and by doing so to keep anxiety at bay. Being an hyperactive artist I soon realised that marbling could also be my way to meditate, to find focus and feel grounded. By sharing on my website and social media my marbled prints I also had the opportunity to pass on the sense of calm and serenity induced by the intricate, abstract patterns. Art can truly heal and bring people together, especially in a crisis. I marvel at your deep and imaginative interpretation of my work, at what you see in it and for that I am extremely grateful, reading your words was a great joy and a major encouragement to create and share new art.

Absolutely fabulous triptych!