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I work in oil paints in a self-proclaimed “magical realism” style. I honestly don’t know where my aesthetic comes from. It’s part Old-World chiaroscuro with gilding and part “put a bird on it”.

I think the most difficult thing about incorporating my aesthetic into a business plan is that it it will never appeal to the masses. It’s also been hard placing value on my work because there’s nothing out there to compare it to. The lack of familiarity to an audience is responsible for slower growth in sales than what other artists may experience. Often, customers need to be shown examples of how to use art in their decorating practice. They get stuck or feel overwhelmed with a style they’ve never seen before.

I don’t let that worry me or get tempted to take my work in a more “marketable” direction. I don’t need everyone to love me, I just need to love myself and let the work resonate with the right people. Another artist said recently “there is something incredibly seductive about feeling known”. I think that’s what keeps me perfectly content with the rate of which I am expanding. Feeling a sweet, deep connection with a collector is as satisfying as the payment I receive.

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