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Mirvia Sol Eckert is a Puerto Rican painter living and working in Indianapolis. Her work pays homage to the most important aspects of her life through bold, stylized images.

Common themes are her Puerto Rican heritage, love of family and friends, spirituality, and a fascination with nature.

She uses crisp lines and clearly defined shapes of color to depict forms that consist of realistic imagery, stylized with abstract elements, conveying an underlying narrative of the subjects. Symbolism is worked into many of her pieces and is normally intertwined with the background or the subject itself.

She works in bright, vibrantly colored compositions, or in dramatic grayscale pieces. Her work ranges in sizes, from 3" to 84". Though, she loves working in color she feels there are times when gray tones say it best. All her pieces are all connected by a visual style with roots in her earlier career as a graphic designer.

She felt very honored to have received the prestigious “Creative Renewal Arts Fellowship Grant” of the Arts Council of Indianapolis in, for the year 2020/21. She co-founded the Indy Latina Artists group in 2021 with another artist friend and she designed the logo. She is also a member of INA (Indiana Artists Club, Inc.) of Indiana.

Mirvia stays active in group and solo shows, her art and prints hang in homes across the U.S., Puerto Rico and Spain. She's proud to have honed a painting style that people recognize as hers. Making her work available online has provided a wider audience. For more information about Mirvia's work please go to her website

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