Michael Schuessler

Michael Schuessler

My Works are vibratory formulas of Color and Light, "Energy Works" of Life.

“My medium is pastels on raw un-gessoed canvas, I will begin by building the stretchers out of wood I stretch them with the canvas so essentially I’m building the body the bones of my work then I stretch the skin over the bones and when I apply the color I’m in fusing life into the work that’s how I think of each and every piece. I also use my lifetime of experience in the healing arts to adjust color and movement in the peace for healing purposes on all – levels.”   Some can be created instantly others can take months but each one is a creation from dust to finished personality of color light life and love The Spirit of color vibration.

If you close your eyes and take a deep breath, change the direction of the work then open your eyes you will feel the vibration shift, Each direction has a specific color energy and vibrational pull. There are 7 colors in the spectrum that give expression to this earth plane as 3 dimensional consciousness. But to understand the more essential nature of light and a 4th dimension, Black & White, the polar opposites must be added. Within my Energy Works you can find both 3rd and 4th dimensional consciousness, for I too am just a reflection of the light within you, and I do nothing of myself save the One… that Guides us all! 7+2=9

My medium is chalk pastel on raw, untreated canvas, which I bind together with an acrylic bonding agent. This is accomplished in a series of transparent layers. When gazed upon through a microscope, Pastels are actually little Diamonds of color, each reflecting light differently from every facet of itself. This actually changes the vibration of the colors you see from morning to night and reflects the colors that surround the work, an ever Changing palette for the color senses.

As an artist, I try to capture the spirit of life on the canvas. My background in the healing arts is extensive, e.g. The Kabbalah; psychology, specifically studies in symbolism; healing with sounding color; and mysticism. These studies, in addition to my artistic training and apprenticeships, enable me to capture the essence of mood upon the canvas— Defining the true essence of spirit. I believe the healing arts and the canvas arts can be one and the same.