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Founder of Altamira

I love to create things from scratch and drive them through to completion. I also love art. As a kid, my aunt owned a gallery in Basalt. I spent summers with my grandparents in nearby Aspen so spent a lot of time in the gallery. I was fascinated by how the business worked and of course the art. Seeing this they started my collection by giving me my first piece for my 10th birthday. I still have that piece.

Prior to Altamira, I spent 8 years at Clique Studios, a top national design firm headquartered out of Chicago. There I started as a UX designer then transitioned to launching and managing new offices.

In 2013 I helped launch the Chicago Venture Summit, sitting on the steering committee until 2021.

From 2017-2019 I taught a class on web design at The University of Chicago Graham School.

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For those asking, work posted on Altamira prior to the announcement of the Pink Bison Prize will be considered so long as they were posted in the 2022 calendar year.

Absolutely amazing!

The details are amazing. Thanks for showing those up close and showing the WIP!

Definitely. I love it.

Interesting that all of the people are faceless. It feels like an inhuman experience.

At first glance, I thought this was a photograph. I was struck by the architecture and then realized its a painting. Amazing work.

This piece is amazing

I cannot stop staring at this. Mesmerized.