Margaret Juul

Margaret Juul

Nature is my Muse with the element of Water as my guide. I view the world with the lens of a shimmering prism- glowing with potentiality.

As a multifaceted artist; with a focus on painting, illustration, interior and textile design for more than two decades, l have cultivated an extensive list of devoted supporters. My work displays prominently in a wide variety of settings—from celebrity homes and corporate lobbies to commercial and hospitality sites internationally.  

A native of New York, I have exhibited internationally from San Diego to Boston and London to Beijing since 1995. In 2008-2011 I was selected as the American Artist Representative for an exhibition in Baghdad, Iraq. My career has skyrocketed from there.

Over the years, I have shown at Art Basel Miami, Las Vegas Art & Frame, Highpoint Market, Swiss Art Expo and many other notable events. My work has appeared in the Danish Magazine X-Ray, Florida Design, Boston Yacht Club Magazine, Studio Visit Magazine, Influence Magazine, as well as many other publications, tv shows and commercials. I am represented by reputable galleries while my prints and textiles are sold by vendors internationally.

I currently live and work in beautiful Tampa Bay, Florida where inspiration is at every turn.