Maiya Parker

Maiya Parker

Hello, My name is Maiya Parker and I wanted to introduce myself.

I am pursuing my Bachelors of Science Degree; Digital Cinematography at Full Sail University.
Additionally , I can create animations, edit footage, create real footage, and I have experience working on professional sets. I am a minority woman who is creating a life I would love. Which is being able to see more diverse content. Such as ; 2d animations and real time footage. I have an executive summary , budget plan, business plan , and more. However, all the support I can get is a huge help. I am a independent starving artist. I won't stop creating until I reach all of my goals. Thank you for reading and stay creating. - Maiya Parker  

To support 

Instagram : @Animemai

Etsy Store ( Art Work ) : AnimemaiStudio

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