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Lorena Malm

Lorena Malm


The images I create come from life experiences, memories, emotions, and sometimes from my dreams.  I embed my emotions into the Art, with intention to present connection to the viewer, that they too will feel emotion and connected to an otherwise Abstract tangible.

W.S. Cranmore transports the viewer by mesmerizing like connections to the organic nature of color palette use blending industrial strength shaping of geometrical complexity drawing  attention to the smallest of detail in human emotion embedded with passion for his work.

A poetic description, by Joseph, accurately painting with words the beauty of your work, Gina!

You are most welcome, Gina!

Thank you, so much, Jennifer! As an Abstract Artist it is rare that I create floral art...this one have gained momentum in started out as an Alcohol Ink that I photographed and digitally manipulated.

Thank you, ever so much, Mr. Crowther for your critic of "Center of Attention". I am pleased!

Thank you, ever so much, SkOt! It is one of my favorite in using an alcohol ink image to begin this composition lending the beautiful blend of color.

Aesthetically beautiful Abstract filling the composition with energy in many different shapes found dancing across the canvas.