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Liz Parker is a self taught, multidisciplinary artist producing between twenty to forty works a year. She has several bodies of work, continually adding to them and experimenting with art forms and media. Working primarily in acrylics and oils on canvas, wood sculpture and mixed media, with aesthetics influenced by surreal, impressionist, expressionist, classical and renaissance art.

The subject matter is most often personal or about those close to her. It ranges from events, relationships, and beliefs to the appreciation of nature and praise for the Creator, which come from her own personal experiences.

Liz has participated in several shows and competitions over the years, many resulting in wins. She began selling her art in 2016 and her works are now enjoyed in private collections around the world.

Artist’s Statement

My practice is centered on an effort to unite classical standards with a modern and interpersonal language. Often esoteric, the work is a means to search out the complexities of existence and hopefully convey both the meaninglessness and fullness of life through the plateaus of catharsis.