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Lisa Paskel Rees

Lisa Paskel Rees

In the summer of 2019, I survived a very traumatic surf incident in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I emerged from this experience knowing that I needed to paint. Painting and I have this special relationship- the release of resistance and a profound awareness of presence. This experience of painting is a dance that brings me to the deepest sense of my being. 

My current body of work is a deliberate expression of the duality that we face, in the experience of existing in the modern world, and the tranquility of us humans in our Soul connection. My paintings pose the question, “Why am I here?” This human experience as energy? Art becomes as the "alive" energy on the wood, on the canvas, on the paper. I am influenced greatly by the elements of Earth and Universe and the complexities of Nature. By my own emotional experiences in relation to all life.

​The studio space becomes a creative sanctuary where I tap into energy that is raw and expansive. I am not a trained artist- all that I create is a natural, intuitive and a completely open expression. 

​From the time, I was a little girl, I have been able to articulate and interpret collective consciousness. Some people refer to this as channeling or psychic mediumship. I consider this to be an openness that I have- An experience for which I have no residence. In this experience I feel connected, awake and present. Painting is also this for me. A release of all resistance that allows me to feel everything from joy to sorrow without judgement. I become a channel for what is, has been and what could be. 

​One of the most fulfilling experiences as an artist thus far, has been creating paintings that I call, Time Capsule Collages, for people. I am deeply moved by the beautiful treasures that people send me from their lives that represent them, their loved ones and their experiences- to incorporate into a painting specifically for them. 

​I am thrilled to be in this experience of painting. Truthfully, I am in Awe.
I am also the published author of a book called, “Wild Ride to Bliss".

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