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Leeya Rose Jackson

Leeya Rose Jackson

Leeya Rose Jackson is a Painter, Creative Director, Filmmaker, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer from Detroit, Mi, and living in Minneapolis, MN. She runs an illustration shop under her moniker, LeeyaMakesNoise, and is the Creative Founder of Noisemakers Design Shop. Her artistic journey began in her youth, selling gel pen tattoos and designing prom dresses, but she was fascinated with astronomy and thought she’d become an astrophysicist until college. Her work explores the intersections of identity, specifically Blackness, femininity, and queerness, with the added motifs of celestial/universal surrealism. In her recent journey to being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, she has also started to explore questions about Black Neurodivergence in her artwork. Distinctive features of her work across all mediums are loud, vibrant color, maximalism, and afro-futurism.

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