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Joyce Ann Burton-Sousa (

Joyce Ann Burton-Sousa (

I began painting late in life and have some, though little, regard for rules in art. My recent life as an artist began around 2003.  I had always had a yearning for watercolors and pottery.  I am lucky enough to have been able to do both.  I spent most of that creative time in Asheville NC.  In 2017 I moved to Washington DC.  Here I have let pottery go and focused on watercolors. 

Art represents freedom to me—as much as I can bring to my work.  I am for the most part self-taught and don’t pay a lot of attention to the work of other artists.  I want to preserve my own vision. At the core of all of my work is the desire to make a connection with the viewer. My hope is that the emotions driving my creativity reach out and touch others. For me that completes the process.

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