John Hastings creates artwork under the moniker “RUMTUM” in the visual arts and in music. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio John Hastings spent most of his time on the shores of Lake Erie. During this time, he developed a close relationship with the balance of human, animal, and plant life by the Erie habitat. This spawned a broader love and connection for aquatic nature, marine life, and the vast landscapes they create. The natural geometric patterns in tropical plants and deep-sea atmospheres found their way into his work - and the birth of new creatures and whimsical scenes transport you to a playful oasis. Juxtaposing the ideas of escapism and reality, Hastings continually seeks to expand his understanding of vegetation and new components of landscapes. After receiving a BFA from Columbus School of Art and Design, his move to Denver in 2010 opened his eyes to a new scene. Geography and the natural science of mapping, provide a connection and a position of origin for Hastings in places around the world that imbue within John’s dreams of traveling. RUMTUM awaits the opportunity to document these scenes within his work and incorporate new visual concepts into his world. As an inspired biologist in his own right, Hastings continues to develop his understanding of atmospheres and habitats and will only continue to gain strength in challenging the boundaries of a misdefined reality. RUMTUM habitually creates through drawing, painting, music, and mural work. Coalescing through this work in Denver, Colorado, he has primarily focused on printmaking and murals as his visual medium, The creative endeavor that is RUMTUM Creations showcases Hasting’s most recent works of art of thought-provoking content with whimsy. The dialogue he creates can generate conversations of our current cultural climate for some, and for others, it simply provides a needed place of refuge or comfort. 

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