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jiro tcholakian

jiro tcholakian

Born in Beirut, and living in New York for the past 40 years, worked as a photographer/designer on campaigns for the likes of Timberland, Hanes, Alitalia and others. Working in fine Arts and portrait photography since 2015 and as abstract painter since 2017. As a product of several different cultures, American, Armenian, French and Lebanese, is reflected in my work mostly through Mythology, psychology and religion.

thank you

Thank you Audra, for your perceptive critique, most honored.

Thank you John and thank you for introducing me to Jay Defoe, as a self thought painter who's only been painting for 4 years, I had never heard of her. What an inspiration ! very grateful.

Thanks so much April 🙏

Oh wow, John ! thank you and I'm flattered and humbled by the comparison.

Thank you John and much appreciated.

Thank you Mr. Crowther for your most kind words and for connecting so deeply with the work. Most grateful.