Humanity needs to physically reconnect with one another. That is my goal as an artist.

To connect, I create works that allow viewers to have a private or shared experience between each other and/or the artwork.

Highly inspired by the Brechtian approach of “breaking the fourth wall,” my works are interactive or "living" and inspire physical involvement. Touch is encouraged to break-down traditional concepts of viewing art. There are no rules.

My style revolves around heightening the senses to awaken the viewer. This allows for play, active thought, exploration and instinctual behaviour. Interactive installations, performance, sharing and sensory approaches are the tools I use to inspire involvement. Painting and multimedia are used to enhance each piece as needed.

My works are catered toward everyday people, not just art lovers. As such, pieces are placed in 'everyday' spaces in non-traditional manners. Public and private locations, in homes, in the trees of a park and mostly all site-specific. It is an open invitation for anyone to experience art.

My past works have included: individuals in a large space searching for artworks in complete darkness, paintings speaking and sharing a meal with their viewers, instruments left unattended on a shared rug in public squares, as well as process art to inspire individual healing through intimate listening and sharing.

I am witnessing a generation of flick-through images, phone fetishes and digital connections, shrouded with a constant fear of the other, anonymous hate and disturbed mental health. I find myself ironically more disconnected from myself, others, and the world around me.

Creating living moments of humanistic connection is what heals this. Real moments shared in time, each with unique experiences, that is the true nature of my art. Why do this? Because for humanity to heal as a collective, one must first reconnect with the other.

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