In my work, I show brief periods of time that hold the most meaning to me. These can include moments of self reflection and solitude, or moments with people I love. I work from many different thumbnail drawings and loose photo references to create a different human perspectives. I use many different kinds of interior and exterior spaces that are found in my memories . 

The paintings take on a couple of different forms. First, the figures may take on a silhouette-like appearance with an environment that is more fuzzy and unclear. The marks in these paintings are more watercolor like and dynamic. This is to show the unclear yet sentimental memories. The other form the paintings may take on, have figures that are more solid. Only the essential details are shown because in these paintings I'm talking about the more recent Through all of this, I'm sharing my deepest thoughts with the viewer. I make the identity of the people in my paintings reflect only basic characteristics of themselves. Because to me, my relationship with the person I'm painting is too personal to be clearly shown.

love the marks in this!