Henryk M Fantazos

Henryk M Fantazos

I was born in Poland. Attended Fine Arts Academy in Kraków, Poland and received Master of Art degree at the painting department. In 1975 moved to America .I paint and cut copper engravings.


I am very glad you like it! I actually, to be thorough, brought two cotton shrubs to my studio. It was such intimate encounter with morphology of cotton.

Thanks. I am particularly pleased with this painting.

Thanks,Kate. I believe that painting's function is not decoration but communication. Poem wants to communicate and so do painting, especially when the artist actually has something demanding to be express. To show how radical I am about it I'd say that incoherent daubing, smearing or collaging is no more than adding more trash to the heap already as big as our planet.

Indeed, it is about seeing the powerful force of life ,triumphant over death and over other participants in the sinuous dance of living. Six kinds of vines attacking a tree.

Because I despise impressionistic painting I sat there for a very long month taking in and noting morphology of that hackberry as if it was a most engaging nude.

Glad you like it so much. The image wants to be humorous but not "absurd", like what surrealism demands.An important difference,I believe.


Just imagine them slowly, mock-solemnly marching to the rhythm of the Handel's Sarabande!

To me the excellence in creating forms, called draftsmanship is the door to the temple of Art.If one does not have it, if one tries to charm viewers with some daubs and squiggles- I find it to be no more than garbage.

Oh, dear- someone was reading Freud too much and too long. In exegesis of the content of my art one has to push aside long-ridiculed psychoanalysis and look directly at what is actually inside of the image. A diver that went blind and seems lost in the ship graveyard in the background. However the painting shows that touch might be his new epistemic instrument. That is all: no animas, no animals and no yungs were used in its production.

The "key" in this composition should bring association with a house, a proposition of establishing a household. All significant elements here are meant to point to the feelings of domestic life and to make it real, some tinge of anxiety hanging in the air.

I am so glad that you like it.

Henryk Michael Fantazos