Gina Werfel

Gina Werfel

Thanks again. I don't normally think about the Futurists, but speed and movement are key goals!

Thanks John! Love your "carefully controlled chaos"!!

Yes, I felt a little "guilty" creating this triptych, given how awful this moment is. Thanks again!

Thanks Lorena! Just reading your comment now!

Thanks John. My desire to hover between representation and abstraction is key to this work. Thanks again!

Thank you!

Thank you!!

Thanks John! I appreciate the historical references to the Futurists as well as the AbEx movement.

Thank you Chuck!

Thanks Elise for your close reading of "wave". The connection to music is very important to me so thanks for bringing it into your comments.

Thanks Lorena for your kind words about my painting!

Thanks Joseph for your sensitive reading of my work. I'll have to look at your work too!

Thanks Audra for your perceptive insights regarding my painting!

Thanks Audra for your sensitive reading of "Fog".

Hi John,
Thanks for your perceptive reading of the reduced palette in Wave.

Hello, These are each 20"x16" so the two together measure 20" tall by 32" wide.

Let me know if you have more questions!


Thanks for your perceptive reading of Nocturne II. Diptychs are a great challenge for a painter and I appreciate your reading of it.

Thank you!

Hi Daniel! Where are you based now?