Visual artist and lo-fi space rock alchemist Erik Ritter has been creating one of kind pop genre collaborations for the last 20 years.  As a visual artist, he has exhibited during Art Basel week in Miami, Scope International in New York, and most recently at the Diego Rivera Gallery in San Francisco. Performing under the pseudonym P Skunk, he has released a multitude of albums ranging from “widely adventures to stunningly tedious” music that has enjoyed a recent resurgence across steaming platforms.  Perhaps the world finally caught up, or there’s just a ghost in the machine, regardless you’re sure to be challenged by his edutainment music/art/pop culture manifesto driving work whenever confronted.  His latest incantation “The Pollination Paradox”  is a blend of backing rhythm tracks and live performance that connects his fine art visuals and Phillip K Dick beat lyrics continually stabbing at the ever elusive new art form.

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