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Abstracted figurative sculptures and drawings are the main focus of Eric Saint Georges’ work.

Eric was born in France, and moved to the US in 1994.

In 1978, after having completed his education in Electrical Engineering, a workshop with the sculptor Petrus triggered his passion for sculpture. He then went to study drawing and sculpture for a year at the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts” in Paris, before spending several months with Petrus, from whom he learned the foundation of his clay technique.

However it is only in 2015 that he finally decided, after a 35 year engineering career, to go back to art full time.

In his drawings, he likes to combine charcoal, ink and watercolor, and uses mostly water based clay for his sculptures. These medium allow him to work quickly, his main interest being to capture life and energy in as spontaneous and raw a manner as possible. He works mostly from life, his preference being very short poses. He casts his sculpture in bronze, which is time consuming but very rewarding.