fashion, poems, music, design.

Born on June 1, 1988

Elen Spends most of her time traveling around the world, studying cultures, religions, architecture, art, music, design and fashion.

Educated at the Orthodox art School, Art School, British Higher School of Art and Design.

Practitioner Feng shui, color psychology, theta healing, transmatic, active astrology,  different types of meditation and spiritual practices.

Elen uses cheerful, saturated colors in her works. A variety of pigments mined on the Latin American continent and around the world.

Exhibitions: Winery (Moscow, Russia), IQ Gallery (São Paulo, Brazil), Pestana (Rio Janeiro, Brazil). Solo exhibition - art space on Sretenka (Russia), Ipanema fest (Brazil), BHSAD (Russia), international summit of the people of the world 2022, Group NFT show (Istanbul, Turkey), Art fest (Bodrum, Turkey)

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