Eduardo was born in the city of León, north of Spain, in 1974, where he spent his childhood and adolescence, up to 23 years old, when he emancipated, living in different cities in France and Spain. Now he lives in Mallorca (Balearic Islands) since 2013.

From childhood he shows interest in art, standing out in the field of painting.

Eduardo Blanco is a self-taugh artist. Although his studies pointed him in another way, which led him to graduate in Tourism, at the age of 25 he returns to his idyll with painting and enter himself fully in the artistic world: devouring art books, watching videos, attending workshops, museums, exhibitions and keeping up to date with trends and novelties in the artistic scene.

Although he began using the watercolour medium for years, currently his main work is in oils. He is mainly a figurative artist and in his oil paintings realism, expressionism and abstraction frolic with unexpected results that amaze the viewer.

Since 2017, when he joins the Fine Arts Circle of the Balearic Islands and the Association of Watercolor Painters of the Balearic Islands, he is more active in competitions, with good results, and appearances in articles and specialized magazines in Spain, Italy, USA and the United Kingdom.

Eduardo Blanco works mainly on commissions, participating in some exhibition and selling his artwork through online and physical galleries (currently in Barcelona, ​​Málaga, Madrid and London). His paintings are found in both national and international private collections. Its main collectors are from Spain, USA and Germany.

Among his latest achievements, he feels especially proud of making a portrait of Rafa Nadal, one of his greatest idols and personal references. It was a commission from Santander Bank as a gift for the tennis player.