Really nice composition. There's such a nice balance between the blissfulness of the image contrasted with the dynamic and vibrant lines of the pines.

Apropos commentary on the expanding divide between physical and digital worlds. Really nice work,

Something about the interplay of negative space and the perfectly haphazardly flashes of acrylic really work. Great work.

Really love the textures, hues and overall composition of the collages. I can only imagine how much richer this looks in person.

These works are so interesting. I'm partially memorized and partially confused about the materials used on the painting. The metal ties really appear much more delicate like pieces of disregarded fabric.

This medium is so unique. I really love how the quilting patterns and textures interplay with the unmistakable iconography of New York City.

Really nice composition. The stark monochromatic contrast combined with the dynamism of the patterns is striking!