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I make no excuses for my “pretty” artworks as most of my ideas come to me in dreams, sometimes asleep sometimes awake, which begs the questions how do I perceive life? I am a very positive thinking person, (yes one of those happy soles) and perhaps this is why my art could be described as pretty?  Even difficult subjects like miscarriage are pleasing to the eye, I guess I always try to please?

 My work is sometimes complex in its narrative and sometimes I have no idea why I paint what I have painted, only to find the answer sneak up on me in a dream.

I always feel that we have all been given the ability to make each other’s life whole. I have a great love of music of all genres but I do not play an instrument or sing (only in the bath), but I submerge myself in music and it fills my life and things resonates, I empathize, I sympathize, I connect.

This is how I see my role in life, Art is a way for me to communicate how I see the world how my stories, my life experiences are explained.

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