New York City based painter/artist David Sloan was born on the unappreciated and scraggly old shores of Lake Erie in Ohio to a clairvoyant seamstress mother and a tug-boat operating father. They divorced when David was a baby, setting up the geographical dichotomy that would influence his life forever; his mother moved to NYC and his father stayed in Ohio.

David’s paintings—which have been described as modern surrealist—have been shown at numerous galleries in New York City, Portland, OR, and other cities across the country (the United States). He is recently concerned with framing and fortifying his painted wooden constructions on streets and buildings in New York City, contemplating what public and street art should be doing in the current atmospheres and drama streams of the always great thriving metropolis.

David studied under and was heavily influenced by the incomparable and deeply missed New York City artist Don Stacy from 2004 until his passing in 2008. He also studied at the Art Students League of New York and took courses at the School of Visual Arts when he felt it was necessary. Because of his extensive studies on Dutch art, in 2012, Sloan traveled to Amsterdam, NL where he stayed for six weeks painting at the NDSM Treehouse residency program ( His experiences while living in Amsterdam changed his outlook on art and life and greatly influenced his development as a painter.

His paintings are more likely to make you think of seeing the interior of a bar inside a spaceship in a child’s open eyed way—seeing it for the first time and thru a fractured wild reception of color and primal precision with figures that may be planetary slender creatures creeping with reds and blues and yellows—and/or are also intergalactic seers who stumble forth, malformed, from within his own malformed self.

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