Chuck Stableford

Chuck Stableford

Graduated from Hampshire College in 1981. Fortunate to have had three significant teachers/mentors, George Harris, Joan Wadleigh Curran , and Henry Taufaasau.

Went to NYC like most in my day and had my ass handed to me, but in retrospect, being cut from a lineup for Annina Nosei’s Gallery from an interview that included Basquiat is no mean feat in itself.

Pretty much worked as a commercial artist until 2010 when our son reignited my passion

Our kid was struggling with stick figures in grade school art classes so I thought making things more tactile, engaging more than drawing, would inspire and it did. Reminded me to think beyond the medium, reminded me that surface tension can do more with unusual materials.

Been making up for lost time ever since, creating art and artifacts as I like to call them. Proud to have been awarded an Orvis Residency at Honolulu Museum in 2015. Always interested in commission/bespoke projects. Feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns or comments.