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Chanyu Kuo is born and raised in Asia. After studying Art in the UK for several years, Chanyu continues to create artwork and currently resides in Denver, Colorado. His artistic inspiration is based on personal development, global vision, and emotions in daily life. From shallower to deeper, and from concrete to abstract, just like the Asian ink and wash skills that have been widely applied through his artworks.

Do we really need gallery to represent us?

There are definitely pros and cons of having a gallery represent you. As an artist, seeing my artwork hanging on the walls of a nice gallery and being able to see and hear how people feel about or be inspired by my artwork is indeed a dream. However, many galleries need to take responsibility and cr...

Ink Rhyme - The Beauty of Asian Ink & Wash

The core of ink rhyme is to immerse yourself in the emotions and atmosphere and then deliver that energy to your paintings. There is an ancient saying ''paper is like a mirror that reflects who you are'', so don't worry too much about the actual ''technique'', follow your heart and let your emotion...