As a native San Franciscan, art was a constant: art classes at the De Young Museum, Academy of Art, San Francisco Art Institute with Jay DeFeo, three semesters at California College of Arts and Craft, and most significantly studying with Ronald Chase. From Ronald I learned the daily art practice, paying attention to process, finding your voice, to look and learn from other artists, and most of all to persevere.

The path I chose took me many places, sometimes far from my art. It took decades of practice to find my voice. I was caring for a writer storyteller friend who was dying of aids. One of the cruelties of the disease was it took his voice. I would try to tell him stories, and he would roll his eyes in disgust. I gave up and sat and drew him instead. From these drawings came a series of mono prints, and later an artist book Passing Over. I now made art that was authentic and my own.

After moving to the East Bay, I was awarded the James. D. Phelan in Printmaking, and a printmaking fellowship at Kala Art Institute for my new technique combining digital painting with intaglio printmaking. Through the years I freelanced as an editorial and children’s book illustrated, worked part-time and then full-time as a print production manager, and was the primary care taker for my ailing partner of 20 years. Through it all, I carved out time to draw, print, paint, and exhibit my artwork.