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Artist Statement:

From behind the camera and from within, there is a desire to seek a fresh approach and to create a contemporary realignment in the large format medium that I use.

Questioning if what is presented truly matches what is being represented, my work typically only tends to show what I am communicating after further inspection. Through isolation of the subject, it is stripped to its core, stark against the negative space, no longer fully or clearly seen. With its physical form or function reduced, altered, or removed, it takes on another identity. Themes I work with include mortality, sex, nature, and place.

After graduating with a BEng(Hons) in Electronics and completing studies in Music at the Academy of Contemporary Music, I signed a management and publishing deal with Jackie Davidson MBE, working as a Major Label songwriter and musician for over 10 years. While touring and recording internationally, I discovered the power of the single image, and from there, I developed my work in fine art photography, combining my skills as a storyteller.

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