These days, the lines between what is real and what Is not real, seem to increasingly become more and more blurrrred. Truth itself, is no longer = to, but some have skillfully, and stealthily altered it’s very definition into, being < or >.

With my most recent series of photographs, I painstakingly setup the images with my ‘eye-dea’. Intently focusing on each form, from the lighting, backgrounds, and shadows of the piece. To the reflections, color-mixing, and the intensity that each form may create when interacting with each other. Before ever unpacking my camera, I force myself to truly study each and every form, much like one does in figure drawing or landscape painting.

“Strive to be, not one who simply ‘looks’ at the world, but one who actually SEES it.

Use your mind to SEE—the immense and complicated, yet subtle and slight differences that can be observed under attentive scrutiny. I challenge you, to become one of the very few, who have obtained a healthy appreciation of the awe-inspiring beauty of the everyday.”