Painting is a mental, physical, and spiritual experience that takes me away to another place and time. I get lost in a world filled with vibrant color, rich texture and swirling movement. When I come back, I bring a piece of that world back with me.

I paint thick, vibrant, oils on canvas influenced by the color, movement and texture found in the natural world around us. I am fascinated with color relationships and I obsessively experiment with the possibilities in each of my paintings. My collectors say my use of color is one of the main reasons they love my work. My recent paintings are designed to be hypnotic. I start with a big flowing design that keeps your eye constantly moving and returning back into the canvas. Then I develop more detailed layers that engage on a deeper level. I don’t want you to look away and always see something new each time you view it.

Being prolific is something I’m known for. I have a huge body of work that has grown and changed over time. I have my art hanging in businesses, hotels, restaurants, wineries, public buildings, and homes around the world. I have dedicated my life to developing an original technique that utilizes the highest quality paints, canvases, tools and finishing. Although, what I am most proud of is that people say my work makes them happy.

The artists who influence me the most are Van Gogh, Picasso and Monet. Van Gogh for his pure passion, Picasso for his sheer creativity, and Monet for the way he saw light and color. More than any other, I am influenced by Van Gogh. When I was very young I got to see “The Starry Night” at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC and it affected me deeply. His thick, passionate brush strokes made me think not of his technical expertise but of how he felt. I always keep those brushstrokes in the back of my mind.