Ayaa Hamada (born 1991, Cairo-Egypt) works as a full-time ceramic artist and illustrator, Ayaa was drawn into the world of ceramics especially Islamic ceramic art when she enrolled in a two years program at Jameel House of traditional arts and crafts in Cairo, she graduated in September 2018 majoring in ceramics.

She delivered several workshops about Islamic art, and collaborative workshops about traditional coloring methods of geometric Islamic patterns at Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau-London and in Egypt at Bayet elrazzaz.

She worked as Islamic art tutor at Bayt Yakan (historic house in Cairo) for children and women of El-Darab-Elahmar in Egypt (August 2018- September 2019).

Ayaa holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication & electronics engineering from the faculty of Engineering , Helwan University (2012)-Egypt.

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