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Audra Lambert

Audra Lambert

Audra Lambert is Editor-in-Chief, ANTE mag+curatorial, featuring exhibition reviews, interviews and art features. Founded in 2016, ANTE mag + curatorial is the curatorial force behind exhibitions onsite at The Yard, Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn, NY. Featured artists have gone on to exhibit with major galleries across New York City, and open call winners through ANTE mag+curatorial Instagram’s account are interviewed on social media and on our online platform, broadcast to our audience of 10k+.

ANTE Mag Selections

Dense line work, paired with washes of complementary colors, combine to form the crux of this collection. The strength of these collected works is found in the harmony created across each individual composition. Abstraction built up in layered surfaces is found throughout this carefully curated collection, featuring a range of artists. Negative space is found incrementally throughout these paintings, carefully allowing the eye to cross the composition and scan the picture plane. Where the painting sets forth to depict a scene in nature, the careful use of color and perspectival line elevates the scene. Bright ochre red carries an abstracted forest fire up a cliff in “Fire Behavior” by Judith Skillman. Frosted, faded ivory tones swirl in muted tones across the canvas to depict ice in “Icy Pond” by Joseph Piccillo. Blocks of bright colors emerge from hazy gray to depict fog settling over civilization in “Fog” by Gina Werfel. Where natural scenes are not depicted, shifting blocks of color, gradient and line form a visual symphony. Meanwhile, works referencing figures - such as “Repose” by Gina Werfel and “The Day I Beheaded My Own Personal Medusa” by Jiro Tcholakian create a more nuanced perspective, utilizing abstract stylistic techniques to create layered narratives.