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Dutch-born Arthur Benjamins' work has achieved acclaim in the UK and countries as far as Japan and Australia. His automotive and aviation work has appeared in countless newspapers, magazine articles and on national television.

He pioneered 'Abstract Iconography', in which various iconic images are guided into a form of minimalism, a heartbeat away from abstraction.

He also makes portraits of musicians, actors, politicians, artists and racing drivers and has also uniquely given new life to “Neoplasticism” a movement which has laid dormant since 1944.

Benjamins pioneered and perfected the use of enamel paint in all his works but since moving to the USA, he has embraced the use of acrylic paint – a medium which dries much faster, allowing him to work with far more spontaneity.

For his most recent work, he freely admits that Jackson Pollock's spirit was there to guide him for the initial journey, but then Benjamins started to work with a caulking compound which he applied in various layers – up to half a dozen intricately laced patterns, upon which paint was brush applied or meticulously gravity fed.

His technique requires a sturdy foundation, so he uses cradled wood panels. He is also fond of layering various panels with a stand-off, allowing a distinct three dimensional aspect to come into play.

In the 8+years he has lived in the USA, a wide range of his work has already began to move into the hearts and minds of a great many Americans.