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Anatol Woolf

Anatol Woolf

St. Petersburg native Anatol Woolf received his early art training at the highly selective Art Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Arts. He later attended the St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy, where he specialized in set design. In Russia, Woolf designed sets for the country’s leading theaters and was an illustrator for St. Petersburg Textbook Publishers, as well as a freelance illustrator.

Since his arrival in the United States in 1987, Woolf has been working as an illustrator, designer, and art teacher. He has also widely exhibited his paintings in the United States and Europe. His works have appeared in the Washington Post, the Washington Times, National Geographic Traveler, Policy Review, Teacher, Legal Times, Chronicles, Spider, and Cricket Magazine. In addition, he has illustrated books for Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company and Llewellyn Publications. Woolf’s work incorporates a variety of media, including watercolor, pen and ink, colored pencil, oil, and acrylic.