Being the oldest in Generation Z has really influenced the way that I make art. I was born in the late 90's and grew up in the 2000's. I love to pull from this experience because I believe that adding bits of my own personal nostalgia into my work in a means to revive that inner child in me and others is important in this hyper-digital age we live in today. As a second generation Biracial Asian American I try to integrate playful styles and mediums of making into my drawings/paintings as a means to be critical of our current state of society or just to have fun and vaport about what is happening around me. I like to mix that up in my work because life shouldn't have to be so critical or serious all of the time, we all should allow ourselves to release stress or any of those insecurities in a positive way by remembering there is still that inner child inside of us that wants to explore.

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