They are an emerging artist working with sculpture, performance, and written pieces. They currently reside in Cleveland, Ohio, but grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. They graduated in May of 2020 with a bachelor’s of Fine Art-Sculpture from Mississippi State University. They have participated in several shows and exhibitions surrounding social and political issues. Some examples are, “Tell Me My Body Isn’t Mine,” on the overturning of Roe V Wade and the reality of unsafe abortion and lack of representation in the US government; “ESCAPADE: BFA Thesis Exhibition,” with the body of work, ‘Two-Faced,’ bringing awareness to abuse and portraying the different sides that abusers reveal by interviewing survivors of abuse and interpreting their stories into written and sculptural pieces; “Taking Back My Crown,” which they assisted with as a whole and then performed, ‘We Don’t Eat,’ a written piece on their personal experience with abuse. They were also the Director and Co-Curator of, “What Were You Wearing?” an exhibition that takes submissions from survivors to tell what they were wearing when they were sexually assaulted; “#Metoo,” with Lexus Giles, a performance piece addressing incestual and relational sexual abuse; and “WAVE,” a project showing the devastation of oil spills and islands of trash that remain in the ocean harming marine life and contributing to climate change. Storytelling is what they consider to be the most important part of their pieces. In their work, they strive for social and political change by encouraging audiences to question their motives and views. They make a point to have multiple perspectives and create interactive exhibits to not perpetuate the tunnel vision that is an issue in American society. Since they have been able to participate, activism has played an important role in their life with art, protests, community service, and conversations with the people around them.

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