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The Changing Demographics of Art Collectors

According to the 2022 Art Basel market report, Generation Z collectors (Gen Z) spend more than 30% of their net worth on buying art. This allocation of capital surpasses that of any prior generation. Why?

Street Art?

Ultimately, my point is two-fold: street artists have just as much right to profit from their work as any other artist, and the nature of their work and the communities from which many of its practitioners hail actively detract from their ability to monetize. So, let's flip the script. If street art...

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The Business of Art

Ultimately, artists create for themselves and not for money (otherwise, there would be

Is Painting Dead?

Ultimately, in my view, this debate boils down to how one views the intention of art. Is the purpose of art to impress critics and push boundaries, or is it a means to communicate emotions and ideas in any way the artist sees fit? I favor the latter. While, of course, no one wants to be derivative a...

Good Art?

What draws us to a work of art is as subjective and contentious as what draws us to people. One can think they know what they want in a partner, one can firmly believe that they will only fall in love with someone who holds certain beliefs and acts in a particular way, but there is always someone ou...