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Why We Continue to Create

The role of the artist is to create, remain faithful to themselves, and, by doing so, establish an honest rapport with their audience. Comfort and validation can be tricky things to come by for an artist, but they pale in comparison to the sadness of ignoring one's creative impulses.

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The NFT market is a legitimate new way to buy and sell art, but it's easy to get carried away. If you're considering selling your own NFTs, remember that this is a relatively new phenomenon, so it will take time for laws and regulations to catch up with technology. Don't rush into it—take the time t...


Surrealist poetry is not for everyone, but if you think about it, the world is full of surrealism. We live in a world where people strive for perfection and put restrictions on what they do and how they think. Surrealism can help you break free from these conventions by encouraging you to explore ne...

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A Defense of Conceptual Art

A toilet transforms into fine art because an artist recognizes its conceptual value and then creates that value by bestowing the hitherto utilitarian porcelain with a signature. Undoubtedly, it took Duchamp considerably less time to inscribe a signature than any other painting ever made, but how muc...

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Brad Pitt, Artist?

Judging by the pictures, we think very much yes, but Altamira is all about critical conversation and debate around art. What do you think? Do you have any problems with the exhibition or the circumstances around it? How about the work itself? Good? Bad? Otherwise?

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The Trouble With Being an Artist: 50%

I know many artists who chafe under the unforgiving hand of the gallery system and many more who aspire to do the same. A dear friend, who will remain anonymous, has been represented by a gallery for three years, and it has yet to make a sale on his behalf. He sells every painting, but all his sales...

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There’s always time to say thank you.

I have been very fortunate in my art career to receive a fair share of compliments, encouragement, and support. I don’t take any of it lightly and always work to pay it forward. I heard a phrase a few years back that being an artist is 25% creating and 75% promoting. As we go about our tasks it’s...

The Trouble With Being an Artist: The Market

Next week, I will return with part four,

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The Trouble With Being an Artist: Value

If the gates of the art world were not so preciously guarded, Picasso's would go down in value (don't worry, they would still bring huge profits), but the surplus value would be ecumenically distributed between a far more expansive and diverse range of creative voices. Next week, I will return with...

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