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unsung artist that needs to be "sung"....Lilit Vardanyan of Armenia...and about "Exchanging" Art

...Married, and a mother of a 10 y.o. son. Her profile, first of all, is on Artfinder, among other places, but NOT on ALTAMIRA because of something to do with the acceptance of PayPal, which she may not have, or something like that. I encouraged her to put her stuff on here, and she said an emphatic...

Exhibizone 2022 - My Entry "Melanin 1"

The piece I entered was the most popular here on Altamira, called Melanin 1. Here are a few screenshots:

How to start your career as an art critic | Altamira

As you embark on your new career, it's important to remember that the art industry is competitive. Don't compare yourself to others and stay humble while staying motivated.

How to sell art online | Altamira

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Ink Rhyme - The Beauty of Asian Ink & Wash

The core of ink rhyme is to immerse yourself in the emotions and atmosphere and then deliver that energy to your paintings. There is an ancient saying ''paper is like a mirror that reflects who you are'', so don't worry too much about the actual ''technique'', follow your heart and let your emotion...

Hate It or Love It

Our tastes are formed in a plethora of ways; sometimes through rejection, sometimes through embrace, and always through the environments in which we grow up. Accordingly, I will dive into the new environment born from the internet and social media next week. One no longer needs the influence of fami...

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A Talk with Linda Ginsberg, Art Collector

Buy art you love, make friends with artists, think deeply & broadly, and keep art world experts around for when you need a measure of sanity.

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Art and Heartbreak

These expressions of misery and disappointment are cathartic for both the artist and the viewer. The artist finds an outlet for their angst, and the viewer discovers comradery. Both are motivated by the same things: the need to express something that transcends words, to find some measure of control...

Why We Continue to Create

The role of the artist is to create, remain faithful to themselves, and, by doing so, establish an honest rapport with their audience. Comfort and validation can be tricky things to come by for an artist, but they pale in comparison to the sadness of ignoring one's creative impulses.

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The NFT market is a legitimate new way to buy and sell art, but it's easy to get carried away. If you're considering selling your own NFTs, remember that this is a relatively new phenomenon, so it will take time for laws and regulations to catch up with technology. Don't rush into it—take the time t...