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my quote for the day...

No People Were Harmed during the Making of this Apocalypse.

My Art in Mineral Point

(PS: the art on the wall is not mine. Mine is everything on the table except the bowls, and the one on the easel of the Honey Jar).

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The Art Of Balance by Casey Soma Published by Thortify

I’ve had a very hard year, and I am slowly, quite trepidatiously moving from excessive care of others (as an empath this is like my bread and butter) to a place of increasing self care, that can see me grounded in my physical, emotional and spiritual lives. You can’t care for others, show them love,...

Should you buy art? Yes.

Buying art is a worthwhile investment that provides many benefits, both personal and societal. It supports artists and the arts community, enriches our spaces, and contributes to the cultural heritage of our communities. Art has the power to evoke a wide range of emotions in humans. Depending on the...

New to art? What's the Difference between pop art and street art?

In conclusion, while pop art and street art both emerged in the 20th century and share some similarities, they also have some important differences. Pop art is characterized by its use of recognizable imagery from popular culture, while street art is characterized by its use of public spaces and its...

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New to art? How the commercial value of art is determined.

However, as Michal Findlay suggests, buy art you love and that you'll be happy to look at every day and the value to you is infinite.

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New to art? Here is the difference between Impressionist and Abstract

In conclusion, impressionist art and abstract art are two distinct styles of painting that developed during different time periods and have unique characteristics. While impressionist art is characterized by the use of small, thin brushstrokes and a focus on capturing the momentary impression of a s...