The Deep

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The Deep is inspired by the marine ecology of the North Atlantic Ocean with its deep midnight blues. This body of work seeks to capture the ever-changing play of light and movement on the ocean surface and in its depths. Acrylic on Arches (France) with Da Vinci birch panel and contemporary box mount. Raised areas mounted on museum board. Frame is optional.

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John Crowther
John Crowther Critic

January 07, 2022

Nancy Wyllie’s "The Deep" blends sculpture, collage, and painting into a technically impressive and visually stunning artwork. The sheer intricacy of the work, the perfection of its compositional elements, and the beauty and depth of its aquatic renderings lend it an almost universal appeal. There is no wall (maybe a black one, but even this is far from certain) "The Deep" would not compliment and no room it would not enhance, for the harmony of the colors, the complexity of the detailing, and the masterful intentionality of the brushwork are too universally appealing for it to ever do otherwise. The geometric layout of the wood panels conveys the tumultuous nature of the ocean yet maintains such a powerful visual coherence that there is no chaos in the tumult. One is not overwhelmed by the intensity and action of the work but absorbed into it; helplessly drawn to it. "The Deep" will stand the test of time and fashion; one is as unlikely to become immune to its charms as one is as unlikely to become bored by the ocean itself.

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Nancy Wyllie
Abstraction, Marine
Painting - Unframed
Acrylic, Canvas
24.00 inches wide
18.00 inches tall
1.80 inches deep
5.00 lbs
N Kingstown, RI, US