Wiese IV, encaustic monotype on Okawara, 2021

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Deeply inspired by the beauty of flowers and landscapes, I push my subject to a place of gestural abstraction. Sweeping gestures are heightened by bold saturated tones. The process of mark making, color choice, and composition happens mostly subconsciously. It matures to a gestural dance revealing my utmost authentic voice; a dreamlike reconfiguration of emotional meanings.

The resulting work is vibrant, complex and meant to make intimate connections with the audience,  invoking both my vision and feeling of a world where beauty and vulnerability are the touching keystones.

About the unique printing process:

The pigmented beeswax is melted on a hot aluminum plate and then manipulated. The Japanese paper is laid down, the print is hand rubbed with a Japanese burin and then carefully pulled. One print is made of multiple unique printing processes and printed on both sides of the paper.

The printing process is challenging, because the wax design on the plate as well as the already printed sections on the paper continue to melt during each additional printing procedure. The paper gets translucent and saturated with the pigmented wax. The colors are uniquely brilliant and luminous and metal pigments sit as an embellishment on top of the paper.


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Birgit Huttemann-Holz
Semi-abstract, Nature
Work on Paper - Unframed
17.00 inches wide
21.00 inches tall
0.10 inches deep
1.00 lbs
Grosse Pointe Park, MI, US