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SELF OPTIMISM 37.5 X 25.5”

Acrylic, reclaimed mixed media, cardboard, ephemera, recycled bag

SELF OPTIMISM evolves as a work in progress.. it is part of our inner and alter ego, which can be fleeting. Exhibited as part of the AVANT GARDE solo exhibition by J’ Atelier9 ™️ at The Glenmark, it examines our interpretation of who we are..

SELF OPTIMISM proposes a deeper reflection of self.. It’s important to examine one’s mindfulness, self awareness, purpose, impact, shortcomings, flaws, and fears. This is how we grow, learn, transition, and evolve. Self awareness takes introspective work. The black & white theme remind us life is not always so clear. There are nebulous layers of shade in the grey area. The lavender represents an alter ego, bringing an elements of a softness and refuge. The highlighted quote (left by the late LV artistic Director) leaves the viewer to ponder “I’m an optimist. Optimism has been my strength & device allowing me to exist in spaces like fashion & culture” - Virgil Abloh. Reclaimed elements of luxury fashion shopping bags highlight the conditioning of our consumer model while we evaluate sustainable practices.

SELF OPTIMISM is featured in the SeeMe group exhibit & catalog at Sasse Art Museum:

About the process:

My processes in sourcing ♻️ recycled materials into my fine arts are interesting explorations .

As part of the process, I frequently explore by reaching out to businesses or going commercial dumpster diving to seek discarded excess or scrap materials. I prefer to salvage what is not needed or utilized as part of my discipline of environmental responsibility.

I’ll integrate different reclaimed materials into my mixture of mediums; I’ll conceptualize, then visualize by priming & building layers.

In this project, I ventured to incorporate repurposed bags, reused ephemera, & recycled cardboard. Once I adhere various bags & ephemera onto cardboard, there are a sanding & a priming process due to shiny film on some bags. Acrylic paint may not always adhere to certain materials on the bags. I spackle & paint the edges for an added finishing touch. Then I sketch my portrait to measure proportion & how it positions against the backdrop design elements.

The tedious part of crafting my work is building the architectural preparation. There is a detailed method & strategy to executing the final draft. With my sketch, I’ll hand draw a replica (using chalk) onto my canvas medium as a visual outline. This transfer is key to the portrait placement with various background logos & print. Deciding upon color hues, value blends, forms, and which backdrop designs to cover, leave opaque or transparent are factored into the my curation process.


!piece @user #hashtag
Portrait, Pop culture
Mixed Media - Unframed
Acrylic, Other
25.50 inches wide
37.50 inches tall
0.25 inches deep
4.00 lbs
Porter Ranch, CA, US