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This Photograph is made of many layers. It begins with old photographs from my childhood rephotographed and digitally arranged. The digital collage was then projected onto and 8' tree sculpture I made from plaster lathe, based on childhood memories at my grandparents. I then photographed the projected images to get this final product.

The building of layers in this piece forms the idea of moments and lashes of time, coming together creating my own version of history. This photograph is a part of a series studying the differences in memory, which influence the majority of my works. "Remember" looks at what we store as a memory versus what we 'capture' as memories.

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John Crowther
John Crowther Critic

September 30, 2022

Teresa Selbee Baker’s Remember addresses so many aspects of the human condition that anything I write will be woefully insufficient. But I love the work and will do my best to access some of its monumental scope.

The intricacy of its construction mirrors that of its subject matter. Our memories shape us. Moments, some dramatic and others seemingly inconsequential, form the tapestry of self, a fluid patchwork of experience that determines who we are and how we live. We all have memories we wish we could forget and others we wish we could remember more clearly, but good or bad the past is always present.

We often think of time as a linear line. However, time is not a tree that grows in a straight trajectory but a weblike root system that shoots out in all directions. Like the superimposed and layered images of Remember, past, present, and future all overlap and occur simultaneously. History does not exist in a vacuum; it constantly informs the present and future without end or respite.

The linear nature of the tree in Remember is subverted by the living memories projected upon it as if to prove the past remains and will always color the present.

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Teresa Selbee Baker

October 18, 2022

I really appreciate your words on this piece. It is wonderful to have someone see the intention.

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Amy Daileda
Amy Daileda Artist

September 27, 2022

Such a cool piece!

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Teresa Selbee Baker

September 30, 2022

Thank you!

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Teresa Selbee Baker
Photograph - Unframed
Wood Panel
10.00 inches wide
12.00 inches tall
0.00 inches deep
0.00 lbs
Savary Island, BC, CA